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Welcome to Commitment Tattoo, A Tattoo Shop that’s located in St. Pete, FL and owned by local tattoo artist Bob Hey.

About Bob Hey Tattoo Artist

Bob Hey Tattooist

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Bob Hey is an exceptionally skilled and talented tattoo artist based in St. Petersburg, Florida.  He was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and it was here that he began to express a strong interest in tattoos and art.  As a child, his grandfather’s tattoos fascinated him.  Bob’s captivation with tattoos drove his inspiration to instinctively draw with full force, as soon as he was able to hold a pencil.  While attending school he furthered his knowledge of art and design, as he learned to draw and paint with various mediums; pencils, pastels, markers, acrylic and oil paints, and watercolor.  Since graduating from high school, his passion for creating continued to become infectious, which lead him to choose tattooing as a career path in his adulthood.

While Bob Hey was working as a machinist in Wisconsin, he designed tattoos for his coworkers, family, and friends.  After countless people acknowledged his eye for designing tattoos he came to the conclusion to become a tattoo artist.  In 1998, Bob Hey embarked on his goal to become a tattoo artist, while apprenticing under Scott Verville, at the American Tattoo Studio in Waukesha, Wisconsin, where he became an official licensed tattoo artist.

Over the past several years, Bob travelled from coast to coast, working alongside numerous accomplished tattoo artists including Josh Hazell of Madeira Beach, Florida.  Through travelling and expanding his horizons he refined and perfected his tattoo artistry and skills by picking up on various techniques from other tattoo artist mentors along the way.  Bob Hey is adept in all tattoo styles, but his personal favorite tattoos have been inspired by Asian culture, marine and aquatic themes, traditional tattoo style, black and gray, color realism.  Hey’s extraordinary and keen attention to line and detail allows him to execute original custom tattoo designs and tattoo cover-ups flawlessly and with ease.

After traveling, and spending a number of years in Fort Myers, Florida, Bob Hey has since relocated to St. Petersburg, Florida where he resides and continues to work as a licensed independent tattoo artist.  It was here that he opened his very own tattoo studio in 2011, and has recently relocated to 2930 9th St. N. (MLK), St. Petersburg, FL 33704.   Bob Hey has been tattooing for over fifteen years and never ceases to amaze his clients, both new and old, with his level of continued professionalism, expertise, and talents not only as trained and licensed tattoo artist but also as a fine artist.  Bob Hey is the tattoo artist to pay a visit to whether you are a local or out-of-towner, a tattoo aficionado, or a newbie to the tattoo world, in search of Tampa Bay Area’s finest tattoo artist.




Commitment Tattoos by Bob Hey is a Tattoo Shop located in St. Petersburg (St. Pete) Florida at 2930 9th St North. Open Daily Mon-Sat and Sunday by Appointment. We are a fully licensed and insured studio.