Marine & Fish Tattoos

We specialize in all different areas of Marine & Aquatic Traditional and Custom tattoos. Some of the Tampa Area’s finest fisherman and Captains exclusively choose Commitment Tattoo by Bob Hey for all their tattoos.

Fish Tattoos

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Turtles & Dolphin Tattoos

Koi Tattoos(Pronounced Koy)

Fish Tattoo

Mermaid Tattoos

Ships & Anchor Tattoos


“Sailor Jerry”  Type Tattoos

Sailor Jerry TattoosSailor Jerry Tattoos

 Here are some Recent Example of Nautical / Marine  Themed Tattoos

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Commitment Tattoos by Bob Hey is a Tattoo Shop located in St. Petersburg (St. Pete) Florida at 2930 9th St North. Open Daily Mon-Sat and Sunday by Appointment. We are a fully licensed and insured studio.